Andrea Hess

Ph.D. Student, Graduate Research Assistant


  • M.Sc in Global Change Ecology, University of Bayreuth, Germany
  • B.Sc in Geography, University of Bayreuth, Germany

Research Interests

Vector borne diseases, landscape ecology, remote sensing, geohealth, global change


  • Hess, A., Davis, J. K., & Wimberly, M. C. (2018). Identifying Environmental Risk Factors and Mapping the Distribution of West Nile Virus in an Endemic Region of North America. GeoHealth, 2(12), 395-409.

  • Bhagwat, T., Hess, A., Horning, N., Khaing, T., Thein, Z. M., Aung, K. M., … & Neil, A. (2017). Losing a jewel—Rapid declines in Myanmar’s intact forests from 2002-2014. PloS one, 12(5), e0176364.

  • Fischer, D., Thomas, S. M., Suk, J. E., Sudre, B., Hess, A., Tjaden, N. B., … & Semenza, J. C. (2013). Climate change effects on Chikungunya transmission in Europe: geospatial analysis of vector’s climatic suitability and virus’ temperature requirements. International journal of health geographics, 12(1), 51.