Several members of the EcoGRAPH research group delivered presentation at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Wasington DC.

  • Justin Davis - A Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Spatial Stratification of Malaria Forecasting Models in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia (Poster)
  • Francis Dwomoh - Towards Continuous Forest Degradation Monitoring in Data-Scarce Regions of Tropical West Africa (Poster)
  • Andrea Hess - Environmental risk factors of Malaria distribution in the Ethiopian highlands (Poster)
  • Dawn Nekorchuk - The “epidemiar” R Package: Integrating Public Health Surveillance and Environmental Monitoring Data for Early Detection and Early Warning of Infectious Disease Transmission (Poster)
  • Mike Wimberly - A Framework for Forest Degradation Monitoring in West Africa Using Satellite Observations (Presentation)
  • Mike Wimberly - The Macroscope Meets the Microscope: Connecting Earth Observations with Public Health Surveillance to Forecast Mosquito-Borne Diseases (Presentation)
  • Mike Wimberly - Earth Science Data for GeoHealth Informatics: Applications for Mosquito-Borne Disease Surveillance and Prediction (Panel Discussion)